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Professional pH meter for the Wine Industry

Key Benefits:

  • All the features of the Cal-Check meters but with calibration at pH 7.01 and 3.00
  • Hanna's CPS™ pH Electrode for Wine Measurement is included as well.  CPS™ (Clogging Prevention System) is Hanna's latest innovation in pH electrode technology.

Conventional pH electrodes use ceramic junctions that clog quickly when used with wine.  When the junction is clogged, the electrode ceases to function properly.  The CPS™ technology utilizes porous ground glass coupled with a Teflon® sleeve to prevent clogging of the junction.  The ground glass allows proper flow of the liquid, while the Teflon® sleeve repels dirt.  As a result, these electrodes stay fresh for up to 20 times longer than conventional sensors.

HI 222W by Hanna Instruments is a special pH meter made for winemakers.  The calibration check feature insures that the reading shown on the pH meter is correct.  This is specially important for winemakers as a small error in a reading can have large consequences.  (Read more about this in our Technical Information section:  Improvements in pH Measurement).  Also by calibrating a meter at 3.00 rather than 4.00, the best accuracy is achieved.

See full specifications link at the bottom of this page.

The special features of this meter is tailor-made for the Wine Industry.  Email or call us for more details.  This meter has a standard product warranty of FIVE YEARS.

Wine pH meter brochure with specifications






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