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Wine Instruments, Titrators and other tools for the winemaker

  • Titrators:

Sulfur dioxide, total acidity can be measured with dedicated mini-titrators.  For large wineries, the multi-parameter professional titrator can perform all the needed titrations with one instrument.  Click here:  Go to detailed product listing- SO2/TA

  • Alcohol  HI 83540:

Hanna's patented conductrimetric instrument is used to quickly make alcohol content measurements to classify them for tax and control purposes.  The range is 0.0 to 25.0% v/v.  The instrument eliminates the need for winemakers to invest in expensive gas chromatography, HPLC equipment, or time consuming ebulliometry and hydrometery methods.  Hanna's instrument provides very quick results (under 5 minutes/test).  The results have an accuracy better than 1% and are not dependent on barometric pressure.  Click here:  Go to detailed product listing- Alcohol   PDF 780kb

  • Ammonia Nitrogen, Fluoride and Potassium ISE Meters

This trio of meters each use a different electrode to directly measure the levels of these important ions in wine.  Each meter comes complete with electrodes and temperature sensor and stirring chamber for fast results.  Click here: Go to detailed product listing- Wine ISE

  • Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved oxygen can be measured in tanks or bottles.  The instrument can also be used to determine the depth of an Argon gas blanket in a tank by showing the absence of oxygen. Click here:  Go to detailed product listing- DO

  • Photometers: Phenols, Iron, Copper, Reducing Sugars and Turbidity/Bentonite

More instruments: Click here:  Go to detailed product listing - photometers

  • Other Instrument for winemaking including Brix refractometers, etc.

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