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New Winemaking Instruments

Winemaking is a science. Winemakers learn fast that good instrumentation is required to make drinkable wine. How many batches have simply been dumped before bottling because it has spoiled? Now affordable instrumentation is available to small wineries for measuring: Sulfur Dioxide, Total Acidity, pH, Color and Phenols, and more. Testing red wines in particular has been difficult because the Ripper method relies on a color indicator. The new mini-titrators are here to make wine testing fast, accurate and easy. By using a potentiometric method, Hanna Instruments has made testing previously only available to larger operations affordable. Instruments are shown on the website for more information:

Instruments for Wine Analysis

Full scale automatic titrators are also manufactured for large wineries which will perform twenty-five different tests on wine including percent alcohol, volatile acidity, and more. They instruments provide even more accuracy.

In addition, winemakers know that pH is a vital measurement parameter. Unfortunately, wine clogs the electrodes used by pH meters. With the new Clog Protection System (CPS) and the electrode checking function, Hanna's newest pH meter has been made especially for the wine industry. It is the world's only meter which actually checks the attached electrode to determine if it needs maintenance. The specially designed CPS wine electrode will last 20 times longer than a conventional electrode.






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