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Technical pH Buffers

Specific Target Values

In order to achieve tight pH calibration, it is often desirable to use a buffer very near the end point of a titration or at the value set for the control setpoint.  For example, in the wine industry, pH meters are calibrated at 7 and 3.  Some titration end points are at a value of 8.20 so a technical buffer with a value of 8.00 should be used.  To that end, technical buffers were formulated in addition to the standard values of 4.01, 7.01 and 10.01.  These buffers are available in 500ml bottles and have a stated accuracy of +/- 0.01 pH or better. 

pH values:                Catalog numbers:                    pH values:                    Catalog #

1.00                            HI 5001                                    1.68                                HI 5016

2.00                            HI 5002                                    3.79                                HI 5037

3.00                            HI 5003                                    4.63                                HI 5046

5.00                            HI 5005                                    6.86                                HI 5068

6.00                            HI 5006                                    9.18                                HI 5091

8.00                            HI 5008                                    12.45                              HI 5124

9.00                            HI 5009                                    4.01                                HI 5004-R

11.00                          HI 5011                                    7.01                                HI 5007-G

12.00                          HI 5012                                    10.01                              HI 5010-V

13.00                          HI 5013 






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