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                           "pH meters, pH probes, pH controllers and much more"

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In addition to the services listed on the left, we provide online general education white papers about process equipment and systems and product manuals in the Technical Info Section

Design and Engineering Services include: initial consultation, problem solving based on proven engineering principals but often with innovative approaches, optimization, final blueprint approval, total system responsibility and optionally construction and installation.

Calibration Services are performed both here at our offices and most often at your plant.  We provide pH and ORP calibration services for compliance with local regulations.  Calibration services for process control panels including: temperature, frequency (tachometers, flow meters), analog 4-20mA loops and chart recorders.

Troubleshooting Services are provided especially on an emergency basis when your process controls have failed.  We often can fix the problem while we are on site.  If new components are required, we can pull items from our inventory to get you running the same day.  We offer over 30 years of diagnostic on-site experience.

Repair of Instrumentation Service is warranted in some cases.  If we cannot repair your equipment on site, we may be able to provide "loaner" instruments to keep your system running while repairs are being made.

Training and Technical Seminars:  We offer on-site training in the operating procedures and instrument programming. We also present a variety of technical seminars on topics such as pH theory, PLC programming and instrument operation.







Home Products Services Shopping Cart Tech  Info About Us Contents Search


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