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Press Release September 2006---


Just arrived-- New pH, ORP, ISE, Conductivity/Resistivity, Dissolved Oxygen Meters: new HI 98180 series

New Multi-parameter meter for data logging: HI 9828 with site tags

New HI 98170 series meters

Digital pH transmitters!

We are very excited to have just received our first stock order of these meters.  We have added pages to the website detailing all of these products.  The new features of these meters are very exciting.  These meters make older meters almost obsolete.

September 2006

4% Price Increase Announced for 2007

Pricing changes effect all Partlow recorders and controllers.  Orders received after 30 September 2006 for all controllers and recorders will have a 4% price increase.  Modest price increases have also been announced for other manufacturers.  It is a good idea to make advance purchases for 2007 prior to Christmas.  Many factories will be closed the last week of the year, therefore orders cannot be entered in time to beat the increases.

May 2005

New pH Process Electrodes Now Available

Hanna Series 1000: PVDF Body, Teflon Junction, 3/4"NT, BNC or Wired ends, with matching pin technology for longer electrode life, with or without RTD temperature compensation.

 -- These electrodes represent an advancement in pH/ORP technology.  They can be used with any process controller manufactured.  Other junction types and special flat glass ends are available for high temperature, HF, general and low temperature applications. 

Industrial pH electrodes

Partlow ARC4100 Analog Recorder Is Discontinued

June 2005


Partlow MRC7000As part of the continuing trend toward digital technology, the ARC4100 will no longer be produced as of June 27, 2005.

Please advise your existing Partlow ARC4100 analog recorder customers of this change.
The part number reference is 41XXX-XXX-XXXXXX.

Please consult with us for more information on replacement parts or a new recorder.  We have replacement units in stock.

The models from the MRC 7000 series have largely been replaced by the MRC 5000 series based on price.







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