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HI 504

Advanced pH/ORP Controller

pH Controllers with SENSOR CHECK electrode Diagnostic System

The new Hanna 504 Series of pH/ORP controllers offers a new level of performance features for pH control and communication.  One instrument can be configured as either a pH controller or an ORP controller via programming.  This controller includes as standard features which are not even offered on competing models.

STANDARD features include:

  • Programmable Hold and Auto-Cleaning Cycle System
  • RS-485 Interface and Tele-Control Technology
  • Fail Safe Alarm System
  • SPDT Relays or Relays + PID Control
  • Temperature Compensation: Programmable - Automatic or Manual
  • Cellular Telephone interface with optional accessory

SENSOR CHECK pH/ORP:    This technology supplies the means to control one or more installations from any distance and in real time!  Tele-control technology creates the opportunity to optimize operations such as maintenance cycles and reduces unscheduled and costly plant shutdowns.  Operators can also control the complete regulation process by the RS 485 output and Windows® software.  Measurement reliability is guaranteed by self-diagnostic and troubleshooting options.  The optional cellular accessory can be used for sending SMS alarm text messages and also requests for real time updates on actual process conditions.  The SMS message immediately reports the nature of the alarm such as: damaged pH probe, damaged temperature sensor, process value exceeding setpoint, broken pH sensor, dirty or blocked junction, contaminated reference, matching pin not in liquid, etc. 

PROGRAMMABLE AUTO-CLEANING CYCLE:   Heavy-duty applications often require an almost continuous maintenance of the probe.  In a brief period, elements such as suspended solids, fat, oils, pigments and microorganisms can deposit and obscure the glass / ORP sensor, reference junction or both.  The cleaning function permits the control of unwanted deposits by programming one or more wash cycles of the probe.  This is an essential function for these applications and minimizes constant manual intervention to solve the problem.

Inputs: This controller will accept either BNC sensors (pH or ORP) or an analog transmitter signal.  No jumpers to set, just program the type of input desired.  Now one instrument can be used for a variety of sensors.  The instrument will also accept an RTD input for automatic temperature compensation as well as a solution ground or matching pin to eliminate well know process errors and prolong the life of attached electrodes.  We recommend the new Hanna 1006 series probes.


Detailed Specifications for HI504 (Adobe File)






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