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pH Meters

Hanna Instruments' pH meters: Bench, Portable and ISE meters

HI 98185 pH ORP ISE Portable MeterWe stock a variety of pH meter models for same day delivery.  Choices include field pH meters, pH bench meters, research grade pH meters (high resolution and optional dual inputs), dual function pH meters, and specialty pH meters for the wine and food industries.  See link bar (left) for choices based upon the type of pH meter you need.  The new portable waterproof pH meters use an inductive charger stand with rechargeable batteries.  ORP and pH now can be measured with more accuracy.  The graphic display includes more information including: multiple pH and ISE calibration points as well as custom defined calibration points.  GLP (good laboratory practice) data is easily displayed as well the battery status and electrode status.  The help key on the meter allows the user to view the entire operating manual arranged by topic.  Soft keys enable selection of manual or automatic logging functions, auto end feature and more.  These waterproof pH meters have protected USB ports for computer connectivity with data logging software. 


graphic display pH meterThe new Cal-Check meters incorporate an innovative feature which are a must see before making a decision on your next meter.  Our "Technical Info" section has a detailed discussion of the "advances in pH measurement" and the calibration check feature.  Some of the meters have a computer connection and/or a built in printer.  The top of the line dual electrode Graphic display "Research" pH meter is surprisingly affordable too.  The research grade pH meter will allow two ORP, pH or ISE electrodes and is now available with a color display.  Let us help you pick the meter the suits your needs.  All of the meters we sell come complete with a new pH electrode.





pH Meters: Bench Models

HI 110, HI 111, HI 112, HI 113 pH meters

Hanna GLP pH meter HI 111 - lab equipmentThe continuing innovation of Hanna Instruments pH meters is shown here.  The buttons on the left take you to a whole series of different pH meters designed for a variety of applications.

The pH meter pictured is model number HI 111 which is one of a number of bench meters manufactured by Hanna Instruments.  Other models both more basic and more sophisticated are shown on other pages (see navigation tabs on left).  MBH Engineering can guide you based upon your requirements for lab equipment.  Detailed specification sheets can be emailed to you showing the exact model needed.

The model HI 111 features GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) data collection showing: offset, slope, date, time of last calibration.  In addition to calibration at the standard 4, 6.86, 7, 9.18 and 10 buffer values, the user can also calibrate at two more custom defined points.  The unit features ATC, opto-isolated RS-232 output and a mV scale for more measurements.  Accessories not included with this instruments are an electrode holder stand (pictured), PC software and a serial cable as well as buffer, storage and cleaning solutions.  HI 113 has all the same features but with two or three digit measurement of pH as opposed to the model HI 111 which is limited to pH measurement at 0.01 accuracy.  The models HI 110 and HI 112 are missing the mV scale which can be very helpful in electrode diagnostics.  These instruments can take advantage of Hanna's technical buffers which are available at pH values from 1.00, 2.00, 3.00 etc. to 13.00.  When you need accuracy, Hanna's pH meters and electrodes perform.  Most people are surprised when they find out the Hanna is the largest manufacturer of pH instruments and electrodes in the world.  They continue to innovate in the field of pH measurement and lab equipment.  We are proud to be a representative and stocking distributor for Hanna Instruments for the past fifteen years. 

HI 250, HI 251, HI 253, HI 254

Step up to the 250 series pH meters.  This quartet of meters all sport an RS-232 serial port for computer connectivity, automatic memorized buffers and pH range up to 16.00/16.000.  Other standard features include: an electrode stand, refillable glass electrode, temperature sensor and 12Vdc adaptor.  Differences between the models are shown on the table below but can be summarized: HI 250 pH only, HI 251 pH/mV and the higher resolution models: HI 254 pH/mV, HI 253 pH/mV and ISE (ion selective electrode measurement).  The meters look like the 110 series shown above.

  HI 250 HI 251   HI 253 HI 254
Resolution 0.01 pH 0.01 pH   0.001 pH 0.001 pH
Resolution, ORP   0.1mV   0.1mV 0.1mV
Resolution 0.1șC 0.1șC   0.1șC 0.1șC
Resolution       0.001 mg/l  
Calibration 1-3pts 1-3pts   1-3pts 1-5pts
Calibration       1 or 2 ISE  
Buffers 5 std 5 std   5 std 5 std + 2
GLP yes yes   yes yes
ATC yes yes   yes yes






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