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Industrial Process
Heavy Duty

pH Electrodes

pH and ORP Electrodes for Industrial use, Laboratory, Bench meters & Portables


We offer a huge variety of pH probes and ORP probes.  We have classified the pH sensors in groups based upon physical construction and application.  Each type is further explained using the links buttons on the left.


  • Industrial Process pH electrodes- Designed for industrial use, these pH and ORP electrodes have Kynar (PVDF) bodies, flat glass sensors, matching pin (solution ground), 3/4" threaded connections, 5 meter or longer cables, optional RTD temperature compensation sensors and special glass ends for different applications.
  • Threaded pH electrodes- These pH probes have 1/2" process connections with 5m cables
  • Heavy Duty pH electrodes- These pH probes have Teflon junctions with 5m cables and are only 12mm in diameter.
  • Cartridge pH electrodes- These electrodes have no attached cables.  With a BNC connector at one end, they are designed to twist onto an adaptor with a cable.  To change electrodes, just twist off the old and twist on a new pH sensor.  ORP sensors are also available in this style.
  • Laboratory pH electrodes- More than 100 styles are available.  Glass, plastic, stainless and PVDF body electrodes are available with conical, flat or spherical ends.  DIN and BNC connections allow their use with a wide variety of pH meters.  Specialty electrodes are included for: food, wine, cheese, dairy, process, pharmaceutical, bio-research and general laboratory use.
  • ISE Electrodes- Ion Selective Electrodes are also offered for Fluoride, etc.


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