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Metering Pumps: Diaphragm

Electronic and Hydraulic Dosing Pumps

Choosing a pump for dispensing chemicals precisely can be accomplished easily using a electronic solenoid type diaphragm pump.  Each stroke of the pump will deliver the same amount of chemical to the process.  The length of the stoke and hence the amount of chemical delivered is either fixed or an be manually adjustable depending upon the model chosen.  Typically, the rate of pumping or speed can either be fixed with an on-off type of control solution or the speed can be variable based on a signal from a process controller to yield a proportional output.  In addition, on some models the speed of pumping may also be adjusted manually.

Materials of construction are important as well.  Most pumps have Teflon diaphragms for use with almost any chemical.  The pumping heads can be polypropylene, PVDF, stainless steel or other materials.  The selection is based upon the chemicals to be pumped.

Finally, some pumps will deliver high pressures for use in pressurized systems.  These types of pumps will use a hydraulically backed diaphragm.  Other special applications occur when the viscosity of the pumped chemical is higher as in the case of pumping lime slurries.  Special consideration must be given to delicate chemicals like polymers to prevent the breaking of these long chained molecules.







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