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Fruit Juice Automatic Titrator  HI 84432

for determination of acidity and pH in fruit juices

Titratable acidity of fruit juices measures the concentration of titratable hydrogen ions contained in the fruit juices samples, by neutralization with strong base solution at fixed pH. This value includes all the substances of an acidic nature in the fruit juice: free hydrogen ions, organic acids and acid salts.  Because the organic acid is the most acidic component of the fruit juices that react with strong bases solutions, the titratable acidity is usually expressed as g/L or g/100mL of the predominant acid contained:

       Citric acid is present in many fruits species.

       Tartaric acid is essentially found in grapes.

        Malic acid is present in many fruit species, sometimes together with citric acid or tartaric acid in unripe grapes.

Titratable acidity of fruit is an important parameter in determining fruit maturity. The fruit juice is titrated with a sodium hydroxide solution until the end point of 8.2 pH is reached (determined by Potentiometric method). Additional the HI 84432 has a built-in pH meter for pH measurement (electrode and meter must be calibrated).

Advantages of the HI 84432 Juice Titrator:

  • Methodology used is based on the AOAC accepted method for acidity determination

  • Eliminates subjective factors including color indicators, mathematical calculations. And erratic titrant additions consistent with manual titrations.

  • Can measure in g/L of Citric Acid, g/L of Malic Acid, g/L of Tartaric Acid.

  • Data Logging and transitioning to a pc.

  • 3 point calibration for enhanced accuracy

  • Automatic Temp compensation

  • GLP Feature for last calibration date

  • Automatic Help feature

PDF Brochure for download, 779KB





Range                    Titratable Acidity

   g/100 mL as citric acid : 0.20 - 8.00% CA

   g/100 mL as tatric acid : 0.23 - 9.30% TA

   g/100 mL as malic acid : 0.21 - 8.30% MA

Resolution               Titratable Acidity:


Accuracy                  5% 0.05

Titration Method      Acid-base titration

Principle                   End point titration : 8.20 pH

Pump                         0.5mL/min

Stirring Speed          600 rpm

Log Data                   Up to 50 samples


    pH METER:

 Range                          -2.0 to 16.0 pH / -2.0 to 16.00 pH

 pH Resolution              0.1 pH / 0.01 pH

 pH Accuracy                 0.01 pH

 pH Calibration             1,2 or 3 calibration points;

                                     3 available buffers (4.01; 7.01; 8.20)

 Temp Compensation    manual or automatic from -20 to 120 C (-4 to 248 F)

 Log Data                      Up to 50 samples



Electrode, pH                      HI 1131B (included)

Temp Sensor                       HI 7662-M (Included)

Environment                       0 to 50C (32 to 122 F);

                                            max 95% RH non-condensing

Power                                  12 Vdc power adapter

Dimensions                         208 x 214 x 163 mm

              (8.2 x 8.4 x 6.4) (with beaker)

Weight                                 2200 g (77 oz.)


Code                     Description                       Quantity /Test

HI 84432-50          Titrant                                  1 mL

HI 84432-55          Pump Calibration Solution      2 mL







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