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Sentron ISFET pH Electrodes

ISFET pH electrodes are a non-glass solid state probe which uses a silicon transistor chip to measure pH values.  The Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor or ISFET can be used in some applications but has some drawbacks.

  • The electrodes will only work with meters which are calibrated for the unique ISFET pH curve and are not interchangeable with conventional glass electrodes.
  • These solid state electrodes can be double or triple the cost of glass electrodes.
  • The service life of these electrodes is not significantly different than their glass counterparts. 
  • These electrode do not offer the same stability and accuracy afforded by glass electrodes.
  • ISFET pH electrodes are not available in a wide variety of application driven types.
  • ISFET electrodes are highly temperature dependent and have a known drifting problem.
  • These probes should not be used in conjunction with chlorine or other chemicals which will permanently damage the chip.
  • These pH probes should not be used continuously.

In light of these shortcomings and customer feedback, we discontinued selling Sentron ISFET pH meters many years ago. For those clients who still have these meters, we encourage switching to the more reliable conventional pH electrode technology.  This is especially important in light of the tremendous technology innovations made by Hanna Instruments with "Cal-Check" electrodesCustomers can switch and save a tremendous amount of money in the process.






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