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Process pH Electrodes

High Performance Industrial Process pH Electrodes & ORP Electrodes

pH probes: Hanna Instruments Industrial  and ORP Electrodes, pH electrodes 

These advanced INDUSTRIAL pH probes from Hanna Instruments represent the latest advancement in pH and ORP technology.  They can be used to replace almost any pH electrode or ORP electrode you may currently be using.  Take advantage of these long life high performance pH electrodes and ORP electrodes (you will see the difference).  Couple these electrodes with a pH controller/ORP controller like the HI 504 and the results are very impressive.

Key Benefits:

  • Ground Loop Matching Pin (Solution Grounding): Standard
  • BNC or Wire terminations
  • Optional RTD (Pt100 or Pt1000) eliminates need for separate probes
  • KYNAR (PVDF) body - works in all chemical environments
  • Large Teflon reference junction (optional ceramic or open junctions too)
  • Application Driven Flat Glass Sensor Choices:  General purpose, High Temperature, Low Temperature, HF
  • 5 meter cable standard (optional lengths 10m, and Amplified 15m, 25m and longer)
  • Pressure rated to 6 Bar (87 psig)
  • pH and ORP (Platinum or Gold) probes
  • 3/4" NPT connections at both ends for easy installation without special adaptors

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Industrial Challenges

Process applications present some major challenges to the pH measurement system.  The most common are long distances between the sample and the meter, high and low temperature extremes, electrical interferences, high pressure, poisoning or fouling of the junction/reference electrode and chemical or physical breakage.  For each of these factors, Hanna Instruments has developed specific solutions in the form of electrode features to address these issues.  The result is excellent performance for these types of process applications.

Ground Loop Matching Pin Technology

Fluctuation of readings and short electrode life can be related to a ground loop problem.  This is very common in industrial measurement systems.  The solution is an electrode with a ground loop matching pin which is standard in all of the HI 1000 series.  Many transmitters and controllers include a differential input which effectively eliminates this problem.  Hanna's 500, 600 and 21/22 series controllers all have this feature.  The life of the electrodes will be greatly extended and the labor and time to change out electrodes will be minimized.  Bottom line: these pH probes will save the user time and money.

Reference Poisoning, Junction Fouling and Breakage

One of the most common causes of electrode failure is fouling of the junction.  The issue arises from physical clogging due to either solids in solution or precipitation of Silver Chloride or other salts.  To help overcome this problem the engineers at Hanna increased the physical size of the junction.  The cross sectional area of the junction is huge resulting in increased life of electrodes when introduced in applications that would normally quickly clog the junction.  The glass sensors are not just thicker, but they are formulated to offer greater chemical resistance with an increased impedance range.  Hanna's engineers found a way of doing this while still providing fast response.  Double junctions are built internally prevent the plating of poisoning ions onto the reference sensor.  These electrodes nearly eliminate reference poisoning.  And by using a flat glass sensor versus a bulbous type, breakage through normal maintenance is minimized.  A bulb type sensor is prone to become dirty with deposits such as silicate or phosphate.  While these deposits may not be visible, they usually cause an electrode to become sluggish and result in a change in slope value.  The flat glass sensor also experiences less abrasion in flow applications and nearly eliminates deposits.

Temperature and Pressure Extremes

The glass membrane of the electrode is sensitive to the temperature of the solution.  Prolonged use and/or exposure to temperatures above 35C (95F) will accelerate the aging and allow increased chemical attack to occur which will significantly shorten the overall service life of an ordinary sensor.  Hanna's advanced glass formulation and construction allows for use at both temperature extremes.  Standard pH probes are not suitable in pressurized systems.  An electrode not engineered for high pressure applications could cause a major leak in the process and even be dangerously projected from the system.  Hanna's electrodes are constructed to operate reliably in systems up to 87 psig.

Teflon Junction, Ceramic Junction or Open Junction electrodes with 5 meter cables (longer upon request).  All electrodes have a solution ground (matching pin).  Part codes: HI 1006-2005

Junctions               06-Teflon, 16-Ceramic, 26 Open

Glass Type             1=LT (Low Temperature); 2=GP (General Purpose)

                             3=HT (High Temperature); 4=HF (High Fluoride concentrations, i.e.- HF acid)

Wire Connection     0=BNC, 1=Direct wire, 2=BNC + Pt100

                                   3=Wire + Pt100, 4=BNC + Pt1000, 5=Wire + Pt1000

                                    7=Amplified + Pt100 (15ft cable or longer only)

Cable Length, m      05, 10, 15

for example:  HI 1006-2205 would be a pH probe with Teflon junction, general purpose flat glass, connections including: BNC, matching pin and Pt100 temperature compensation sensor and with a five meter cable.


Common 1006 pH Electrodes w/5 meter cables:
Model Number  Ends TC MP Type  
HI 1006- 1005 BNC   yes LT  
HI 1006- 2005 BNC   yes GP  
HI 1006- 2205 BNC Pt 100 yes GP  
HI 1006- 3205 BNC Pt 100 yes HT  
HI 1006- 4005 BNC   yes HF  
HI 1006- 2105 Wire   yes GP  
HI 1006- 2305 Wire Pt 100 yes GP  
HI 1006- 2505 Wire Pt 1000 yes GP  
HI 1006- 3305 Wire Pt 100  yes HT  
HI 1006- 3505 Wire Pt 1000 yes HT  

ORP Probes:

HI 2004 are similar with Platinum or gold options.  ORP electrodes do not require temperature.

HI 2004-1005  BNC, Pt sensor        HI 2004-1105   Wire ends, Pt sensor

HI 2004-2005  BNC, Au sensor        HI 2004-2105   Wire ends, Au (gold) sensor

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