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Handheld Meters

Portable Meters for Temperature Measurement

Portable Waterproof Temperature MetersHanna Instruments Electronic Temperature Meters:

Thermocouple, RTD or Thermistor Meters

Our choice for the many meters which are available include three excellent waterproof meters with thermocouple inputs and the very important ice point calibration feature.  These meters also allow viewing the readings in either degrees F or C.  The displays have an optional back light to make reading in low light areas much easier.  All of these offer resolution of 0.1 degrees and ranges: -328.0 to 999.9F, 1000-2500F While all the meters have waterproof bodies, hold feature and automatic shut down to conserve battery life, we will list the differences between these temperature meters below.

HI 93530N - K-type thermocouple input    High accuracy meter only.

HI 93531N -  K-type thermocouple input    High accuracy meter with minimum and maximum.  In addition to displaying the current reading, the highest and lowest readings while the meter is on is also shown on the display.  This is very helpful in showing the range of changing temperatures.

HI 93532N -  K, J or T -type thermocouple input  High accuracy meter with minimum and maximum readings (the same features as the HI 93531N) but will also allow the use of any of three different types of inputs.

Note: the R series adds an RS-232 port to the above meters by changing the suffix from "N" to "R". 

HI 93510N -  Thermistor input  High performance meter which uses thermistors rather than thermocouples.  Limited range: -58.0 to +302.0F or -50.0 to +150.0C

Click to see specifications on meters above.  PDF 1718 KB

In addition many other meters are available with or without printers and with RTD inputs.  Probes are available for liquids, air, surface, pipes and more.  Shock resistant rubber boots in blue or orange fit over any of these meters.  Ask us for more details.

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