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HI 504
pH 500


pH/ORP process controllers

HI 504 with electrodes are in stock for same day shipment.

Great Lakes pH Controller GLI P53


Controllers are available in panel mount as shown above and wall mounted in waterproof enclosures.  Features included will depend upon your application, but typically include:

  • Analog output(s) for a chart recorder
  • Relay alarm outputs
  • Relay control outputs
  • Analog control outputs
  • Calibration Data access (last Cal date, time, offset, slope)
  • Automatic or manual temperature compensation
  • Graphically oriented calibration with stability and memorized buffers
  • Adjustable deadband (hysteresis)
  • Output lights and alarm light

Optional features included with HI 504:

  • Automatic probe cleaning cycles
  • Computer or cell phone two way communication
  • Probe diagnostic features coupled to alarm output
  • Model HI 504 can be used for pH or ORP (reduces inventory of spares)

We can also provide controllers pre-wired and pre-mounted in Fiberglass or Stainless steel enclosures with strobe lights, metering pump (Hand-Off-Auto) switches and more.  These custom control panels can also include a fully engineered pH control system with tanks, mixers, pumps, level switches, valves and more.







Home Products Services Shopping Cart Tech  Info About Us Contents Search


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