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Chlorine Analyzers: HI 96762, HI 96761 and more

Other Chorine Analyzers: "The 96 Series"

HI 96724 Chlorine Analyzer is part of Hanna Instruments Cal-Check Series of Photometers:

 Total and Free- 0.00 to 5.00 mg/l Cl2 in one instrument

Almost identical to the HI 96761 and HI 96762 meters, this analyzer has a broader range and will allow the user to measure total as well as free chlorine.  Total chlorine is given by the sum of free chlorine plus combined chlorine, where free chlorine combines with nitrogen to produce chloramines. Chloramines is harmful to aquatic life and damages water treatment plants that use membranes for water purification (e.g. reverse osmosis). Thus it is important to monitor levels of both free and total chlorine. Chloramines concentration in water depends on pH, temperature, the initial ratio of chlorine and amines, chlorine demand and total time of exposure. Both forms of chlorine (free and combined) can exist at the same time, though they need to be measured separately. HI 96724 is an auto-diagnostic portable photometer for accurately measuring free and total chlorine. The advanced optical system employs a specialized tungsten lamp and a narrow band interference filter, assuring accurate readings between 0.00 to 5.00 mg/L. This instrument is equipped with Cal Check® validation function and standards to validate good performance at any time. Taking just a few short steps, the validation procedure is user-friendly and ensures that the meter is properly calibrated wherever you go. Hanna photometers use the exclusive ready-made, NIST traceable standards to verify the performance of the instrument and recalibrate if necessary. Cuvets are constructed from specialized optical glass to ensure the best and most consistent results. The positive locking system ensures that the cuvet is in the same position every time it is placed into the measuring cell. Our sample cell is designed to fit a cuvet with a wide neck to make it easier to add both sample and reagents. All instruments are factory calibrated and the electronic and optical design minimizes the need for frequent calibration. Ideal for field applications, these meters are splash-proof and the lamp and filter units are protected from dust or dirt by a transparent barrier. Display messages aid the user during routine operation. The auto-off feature will disengage the meter after 10 minutes of non-use in measuring mode or 1 hour while in calibration mode. HI 96724 utilizes an adaptation of the USEPA Method 330.5 and Standard Method 4500-Cl G. The reaction between chlorine and the reagents causes a pink tint in the sample.  Like all of meters, it is available with calibration standards, reagents and accessories in a case.

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Other meters measure chlorine at higher concentrations up to 10.00 mg/l are available in the Cal-Check HI 96 series too.






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