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                           "pH meters, pH probes, pH controllers and much more"

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Calibration Services


  • pH and ORP
  • Temperature controllers and recorders
  • Process control instruments


We can work via a yearly service contract for peace of mind or to satisfy regulatory requirements.  Many municipalities or government contracts require an outside agency to perform these services.  We don't just test instruments and report an error of divergence, we actually return the instrument to the original manufacturer's specification of accuracy.  We provide a written report so you will have proof of the calibration in addition to a calibration sticker.  This is crucial for meeting ISO 9000 and Mil. Spec. requirements.  

  • pH and ORP

We use NIST certified buffers and standards along with our test instruments.

  • Temperature

Calibration of J, K, and T thermocouples as well as RTD's for all instruments.

  • Analog  

4-20mA control signals are reset and spanned to process requirements.

  • Frequency

Typical pulse signals for tachometers, flow meters, etc.

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