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Amplifier for pH and ORP Electrodes


Hanna Preamplifier HI 504AMP

 Preamplifier for pH and ORP electrodes


When connecting a Hanna process electrode to a Great Lakes, Signet or other pH controller where the distance between the electrode and the instrument is greater than 5 meters, a simple preamplifier is often used. Using this technique, the wiring can stay in place and the user can enjoy the advantages of the Hanna 1000 series process electrodes.

     Many process controllers require external preamplifiers, to match the impedance gain of the electronic circuit to the actual pH electrode. Ask us about using this technology with your existing equipment to insure the proper selection.  Be sure to specify the model number of the controller you are using.  Obviously, if you are using a Hanna 500, 600, 21 or 504 controller, no special requirements are needed.  In addition to amplification, sometimes a thermal circuit needs to be added.

This amplifier has an internal lithium battery so no external power is needed.  The unit has an approximate life of five years.  The connections are male BNC by female BNC.






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